A Pound of Flesh

A Pound of Flesh
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During the mid to late ’60′s, bands had weird names. Such was the case for a couple of Twin cities bands – The Grasshoppers and The Bananas. The Grasshoppers had a good 5-year run and broke up in 1968. Jiggs Lee decided to try his hand at a draft deferment in college. In 1969, The Bananas were trying to re-align the “image thing” by making some changes. Jim Offerman and Joe Soucheray (who, today, is a Highly Paid Broadcast Professional, Author, and Columnist) were replaced by Jig…

First-ever reissue of hard rock monster and 1975 debut Lp from Minnesota’s CAIN! A hard rock fan’s dream with Lloyd Forsberg’s “ahead of their time” guitar licks and Jiggs Lee’s raucous vocals. Features a full digital re-mastering along with liner notes, lyrics and photos!

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A Pound of Flesh

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